Guidance on Sporting Activities During COVID-19 Alert Levels

Guidance on Sporting Activities During COVID-19 Alert Levels

Sport NZ recently published further information on their web site, as approved by Government, offering more guidance on play, recreation and sport across all Alert Levels 1-4. Additionally, the NZIHF has put together guidance to all of its Clubs which can be accessed below.


The ever-evolving situation concerning the COVID-19 alert levels is beginning to raise some questions as to what this means for our sport.

As the governing body, we can provide guidance and governance but it is up to each club to mitigate risks at their local level. We believe that player and spectator safety should always come first and we support any local body making decisions advocating this.

View the full NZIHF guidelines here, or at the below attachment.

Sport NZ: 

You can view the document here, or at the below attachment: 

From Sport NZ:

As you can appreciate, this is a fast evolving space, however we will endeavour to share the very latest information as we have it, in preparation for a possible move to Alert Level 3 next week. Note that the table still contains some gaps that are being worked through by Government with input from our own Policy team.

We would like to emphasise that the rules and guidelines around Alert Level Two and Three are still in development. More detailed information to expand on sporting and recreational categories will be available early next week.

Further information can be accessed here:

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