Ice Hockey Officials in New Zealand

The referee is the presiding official in an ice hockey game. It is a rewarding position that combines snap judgement and fitness. The referee must enforce the rules consistently and impartially, and maintain order on the ice.

To become a referee, please contact us and we will put you in touch with your regional club / association. They regularly offer Officials courses designed for certification and advancement through our New Zealand domestic leagues.

Challenges a referee faces:

  • Criticism: All referees will be second-guessed by fans, player and coaches. Accept the fact that not everyone is going to be happy with your officiating every game.
  • Conditioning: A referee must be an excellent skater. Hockey officials stay on the ice the entire game, forcing them to skate several miles each contest. Referees also must be able to skate backward efficiently and change direction quickly.
  • Learning: You can improve your officiating in a number of ways. Ask experienced officials questions. Watch them during games. Continually review the rulebook.
  • Ethics: It’s important to remember that, as the referee, you’re something of a role model. Conduct yourself accordingly by always being firm, fair and courteous. Your chief goal as the presiding official of a game is to ensure that the game is played safely so that everyone can have fun.
  • Contact the NZIHF if you feel you are up for the challenge!
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