2022 Global Girls’ Game in New Zealand

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The 2022 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Global Girls’ Game is on this weekend!

From New Zealand to Asia, Europe and the Americas, the weekend-long game between the Team Blue and Team White players is a highlight on the calendar for many of our girls and women around the country.

New Zealand will hold 3 games as below, however only the Auckland game will count toward the official IIHF standings, as only one game per country can be counted.

Wellington – Blue vs. White – 8:45am
Canterbury – Blue vs. White – 4:30pm
Auckland – Blue vs. White – 4:45pm

Due to the red traffic light settings, spectators won’t be allowed at the games, however we’ll be sure to provide a summary of the three games at their conclusions!

Follow the action live on the IIHF’s results page here: https://www.iihf.com/en/static/32322/global_girls_game_2021_2022

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